Genuinely Marine
Grade LED Light 'Bulbs'
(For Boat, RV, Wheelchair, and Off Grid Use)

By Bebi Electronics
Proud Winners of the Government of Fiji's Annual Unique Exporter of the Year Award for 2006!

We regret to inform our thousands of customers in over 76 countries, that we've very reluctantly have chosen to close Bebi Electronics down.

This has been a very difficult decision, after working for more than 10 years creating a viable business in a very obscure location, and in spite of all of the hurdles thrown at us by the current regime in Fiji.

The political situation within Fiji has degenerated so much following the military coup in 2006 that by 2012, the expatriate investor's in Fiji (Michael and Kendra), felt that our personal safety had been compromised by the regime. Thus, for our safety (and the safety of our child who was born in Fiji), we departed the country a year ago.

After the daughter of a high ranking official embezzeled a large amount of money, we tried our best to keep things going remotely, but without the cash cushion (and without continuing innovation in a rapidly evolving field), the business trend was downward, and this (shutting down) was the only viable decision.

We have very much enjoyed working with 99.99999999% of our customers, and consider many to be friends.

Farewell and much love from Michael, Kendra, and all of the staff in Bagasau.